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very lazy and sleeeeeeeeeeeepy all the time, am i pregnant?

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ok, i just can't hold to one though, lack concentration and energy, if am setting down browsing the net i feel tired and need to sleep, am also sooooooooo moody and urge to cry all the time plus the headache, i dont like the taste of any food i make, and only eat with husband to encourage him to. am married for 8 months now, and had my period on 11/12....`

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Well if your last period was over a month ago I might think that there was a good chance. I would take a home pregnancy test and just verify that you are. You can also be tired if you have low iron or maybe depression(I do not know anything about you just a suggestion), even thyroid issues can leave people feeling tired. If the test comes back negative I would talk with your doctor to see if they can figure it out.
I would take a home pregnancy test if your period is late. If you aren't pregnant there are many things that can cause your symptoms so you should see your doctor.
i know waht you mean im prego and im the same way

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