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VERY VERY Faint BFP 9-10dpo, bfn next day?

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I feel like I'm going crazy! TTC 4 months now. Friday midday, I got a VERY faint 2ND line after 3 minutes On a FRER. I had to squint to see it, but my bf saw it as well. It was REALLY faint, but it's there! And it's pink as well. The day before I took an ept and it was bfn. The morning after my bfp I took another ept, bfn. Same day I drank a bottle of Gatorade and a bottle of water before noon and tested shortly after. (With a CB digi, FREE Digi, and another FRER) that I bought at all dif times. The BFP gave me such hope I went POAS crazy haha. but I dipped them all instead of midstream, in a rush. My pee was such light yellow I thought it had to be diluted but already opened tests so had to go. All negative. Sunday morning now, maybe 10-11 dpo, 4 days till AF is due, took my last CB digital. Not pregnant. Am I crazy, and not pregnant? or am I still just retesting too much too soon? I've been told any line is a line. And it's there, still. I'm not crazy! Could I still be in this month?

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