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VforVenture, hope you see this.

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so with the sippys what kind did you use bentley uses the nuk soft top what kind is best to switch over to? he doesnt care for the ones i have he likes to chew on them. did you just put the formula in the sippy?

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With my daughter I used a bunch of different brands. She was using Nuby bottles at the time and loved their soft spot ones because they were similar to her bottle nipples. Getting her to switch was tricky but they were very easy to open and she spilled her formula on the kitchen floor a couple of times. Since she liked soft ones I got her an Avent cup. I don't think she ever used hard spout cups. I can't remember the other brands of cups that she used, but basically all I did was try to press on the spout through the packaging. If it was totally hard I didn't buy it, if it seemed a little soft I did.I got Tommee Tippee cups for my son from Toys R Us. I really like that brand. The spouts are hard on the inside so kids can't chew through them but they're softer on the outside so it doesn't feel as strange. He liked them at first but he ended up just stealing his sister's straw cups so we got those for him instead of making him transition through the different stages of cups.While my kids were still on formula I made it directly in the cups. I measured out the water using a bottle and then learned how to eyeball the right amount of water. Now they're both older so they just get milk, juice and water in their cups.
so did you use the soft straw tops or the sippy oval tops? think imma try and start this hes 8 months now
I started both with regular sippy spout style cups, which my daughter really liked. She had a harder time using the soft straw cups at first, but my son preferred the straws pretty much from the beginning when he was about 7 or 8 months old.

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