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want to bottle supplement breast feed, refuses bottle nipples.suggest?

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My grandson is three months and soley breast fed to this point...mama wants to supplement with bottle now that she is working again...have tried four or so other bottle nipple and he refuses them all and is not eating from bottle...any suggestions?

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What types of nipples have you tried? The First Years Breastflow bottles are supposed to work very well for exclusively breastfed babies. Avent bottles are also great. Any wide neck bottle will be easier than a standard neck bottle. Other than that, you'll just have to keep trying. He'll get it eventually.
My Dr said it doesn't really matter which type of bottle/nipple you give the baby as long as you are consistant... that being said my 5 month old has been in day care for a month in a half and doesn't suck on a bottle, she chews, and is only getting 2-4 oz of milk a day.  With my first we bought the ventair bottles with the brown softer nipples, and she did great, and I think they are easier to clean because the bottom screws off.
Actually, it is an infant's instinct to suck on whatever kind of feeding bottles and nipples. You may not become successful at first because there is a certain period of adjustment that the babies may feel in being used to breastfeeding. Just keep going and he will not refuse it anymore. In my case, as I am always going out I prefer a Baby Flipple Water Bottle Adapter than the conventional bottle for convenience. It's a baby bottle on the go and I don't need to bring out a baby bottle from the house.
Great product, Erica!

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