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Wanting Labor to be a private moment, am I wrong here?

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Just found out last night we're pregnant! MiL is already demanding a spot in the delivery room, and in all honesty, I would prefer a nice private experience with my husband. Is she overstepping, or am I crazy on this one? First child is from a prior relationship and my delivery felt like a sideshow with too many people involved. Which is why I am really hoping for this private moment for us to share. Have a great relationship with her, she just tends to make everything about her and I don't want to set myself up for some disaster fallout, but I also think it's our choice.

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No, your not the crazy one.  Your MIL should respect your wishes.  My MIL wanted to be in the delivery room when my son was born & I asked my husband to tell her she was not welcome.  When I was in labor she threw a fit to be in the room.  I had an excellent L&D nurse that dealt with the situation & told her to leave as she was not welcome.   Just let your wishes be known to the hospital staff & they will ensure it's just you & your husband in the delivery room.
My partner and I wanted the birth of our daughter to be private as well. Both our mothers were very respectful. In the early stages of labor I allowed friends and family in the room with me, but as soon as things started progessing, we kindly asked everyone to leave. About 20 minutes after she was born, FOB went out to the lobby with the digital camera to show everyone pictures of the baby just born. About 90 minutes after her birth, we invited our family back in the room to see her. This gave us some time to bond with her by ourselves. I really recommend this. Birth is traumatic enough for a baby without having to be passed around 20 minutes later from person to person.
Also, to add to my above post:A good friend of mine had too many people in the room when she gave birth and she said whenever she watches the video they took she cries because she only held her baby for 5 minutes before relatives started passing the little guy around. :(
Yeah, I'd be a little upset if I didn't get to hold the child I GAVE birth to and everyone started hogging my child, haha. i'd be greedy at that point in time though. Along with the significant other. <3
Your M-I-L needs to understand that this is a special moment for you,your child and your husband.Just be honest with her and let her know how you feel about the situation. Maybe you both can reach a comprimise together about the situation
no you are not crazy. but how about this- act like a prego in labor when the time comes, and just cuss her out when she oversteps the boundaries. it's not like she will hold it against you. your in labor. when i was in labor, i threatend to punch the nurse in the face after she told me , "you need to calm down. i know that contractions are painful, but you need to try and keep your energy for the real thing." and guess what? she doesnt even have kids! luckily, after i was induced, my baby was out in 20 minutes. 10 pushes, and it was all over. when my husband's aunt told me that she wanted to be in the room while i delivered, i told her to f off. she was the LAST person i ever wanted to look at while in labor. she took it personal, obviously, but i didn't give a rat's ass. you are the one thats prego, not your MIL. stand up for yourself, and if you don't want her there, then tell her. it's that simple.
I would just say the only person who sees me in that state of undress are my husband and my doctors but we would love to have you come in after she/he is born
every previous post is dead on. this is your moment, and although grandparents want to be involved it's up to you and your husband. she can demand all she wants but when the time comes bus sure to at least ask a nurse to referee the door. i did :)- oh, and the phone too you don't need to answer a million questions for at least 24 hours
NO...!! your tottally right...!!When i was in labor my MIL and my mom wanted to be in the room with me and my husband, and to be honest with you i had soo much pain i didnt even try to tell them to leave the room... The story is My MIL and my mother were watching tv, at the time in my hospital room and out of no where they start laughing at what ever the guy on tv said i was so angry they were laughing while i was in soo much pain. I accually now hold some anger against both of them for that... !!  So for my next baby im letting them know its going to be private a head of time...!! Dont feel bad its your moment dont let them ruin it for you like they did for me...!!
The time after your baby is born is a special time for you and your husband to bond with them. U can ask the nurse to have everyone out until your ready for them to be in. 


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