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was spotting now more like a light period no pain is my baby okay

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I'm 8 weeks be 9 weeks on Monday feel great no pain or anything I feel great I was spotting now it's more of a light period I'm worried but my doctor said Friday everything was fine my HCG is 18532 they took more blood and I got back Monday for them to tell me what my blood work says but it's kinda worring me since I'm bleeding a little more and it's now of a light light period now and not spotting please someone help me this is my first baby and I want my baby to be fine and now that my baby is fine please help me.

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Did you have an internal (vaginal) exam on Friday? Sometimes the exam irritates your cervix and causes bleeding, which is nothing to be concerned about. As long as you're not cramping a lot or having bright red bleeding (pink or brown is ok) and it's not a lot of blood (like a normal period flow) you're probably fine! Try not to panic, I had several days of bleeding following a few of my exams (and even a few times without an exam) and my pregnancy and daughter were perfectly healthy and normal. Good luck :)
No I didn't I did when I went to the hosptail and it is brown blood thanks though I'm trying not to but it's my first child and everything worries me lol :) but thanks that really helps and makes me feel better I go to the doctor tomorrow for them to tell me what my HCG is at when I went to them on Friday but thank you again :)
I hope everything went well!
Hi,I would suggest taking it easier than you normally do.  I also experienced spotting on/off in my first trimester with my daughter (my 1st pregnancy) and everything was fine.  I hope it goes away soon, so you don't have to worry anymore.  Best wishes-I'm sure you will be fine. 

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