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Is a water birth and a home birth nicer?

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I had my first child in a hospitol which was nice but ive been thinking lately about having a water birth/ home birth when we decide to have another child... i was just wandering peoples opinions about both.

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i think its a good idea but the only bad thing is if something went wrong you wouldnt have a docter there
I have always wanted to have a home/water birth but I can't with my insurance. I think they seem like a wonderful idea. You could have a midwife there just in case something goes wrong. I prefer midwives over doctors anyways. I would say if its what you want then go for it! Good luck! :)
I have a midwife, so I have the option of both, but still am planning a hospital birth. I would consider a few things. 1) How far are you from the hospital if something went wrong? Yes, the midwife is there, but if something goes really wrong, you may need to go to the hospital. Also consider when you are due (snow? bad roads?), and average ambulance times in your area. I know that was a big thing for me, being due in January. 2) The perks and support at the hospital (meals, nurses...). This depends on what you are going home to. I know when I get home, it will just be me, baby and our 4 year old, as hubby will be at work, so having that extra help the first day is a big thing. 3) Think about the mess! This is your second, so try to remember the mess when you had your first! Atleast at the hospital they clean it up. At your home, it is your job. Some midwives will help, but that depends on your midwife!  In the end, it is your choice. I have friends who had homebirths, and loved it, but these are the things that come to mind for me! In the end, it all depends on what you feel in your heart is right for you and your family! Oh, and keep in mind that even a hospital birth with a midwife is very different. You won't just be lying in bed, they'll get you up and moving. They also make it more calm and relaxed than a dr.
I actually did have a midwife with my son, but i really did not like her so im trying to find a new midwife.  that is my main concern...not being too close to a hospital thats why i was just kinda wondering peoples opinions.  And i was wondering if a waterbirth goes smoother? 
Watch "the Business of Being Born" It is on Netflix instant streaming.  I just watched it and it gives you a lot of information about home births and home-water births. Very interresting. It made me want to try it at home. I am pregnant with my 3rd. I was induced in hospital and an OB delivered both of my first two.  I didn't have "bad" experiences, but that documentery made me really want to try something different this time. Just watch it and see what you think.
We are planning a home water birth for June. I've had three hospital births and a birth center water birth with my fourth child. My water birth was amazing and I am very excited to be having one again with our new baby. It was very relaxing and the water helped very much with the pain. We are very excited about our next adventure and looking forward to another wonderful birth at home and in the water. :)

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