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ways to tell someone i'm pregnant who won't be too happy about it?

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my fiance and i live with his grandparents...and he has a two year old already, i know they aren't going to be happy that we got pregnant without being married especially because we don't have much money or a place to live you know? i'm eight weeks tomorrow, and we wanted to wait til closer to the second trimester so its less likely to have a misscariage since i've had three already, does anyone have any suggestions on how i should tell them? and when? i think they might be starting to figure it out but i'm not sure...

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There's nothing you can do about their opinons. They'll either be happy or they won't. Just come out and tell them when you feel the time is right.When my husband and I got pregnant with our first baby neither of our families were terribly excited. We had only been together for 5 months and even though we were plenty old enough to start a family (I was 24, he was 28) it just wasn't the ideal situation. But, all that mattered was that we were happy. We've been together for four years, married for three. So things worked out well for us. Then, I got pregnant with our son when our daughter was 9 months old. I got pregnant a couple of months sooner than we were expecting, but he was planned. Most of our friends and some of our family were again, not very supportive. Instead of congratulations, we got, "Was it planned?" It was ridiculous. But, we were happy and that was what was important. I'm pregnant with our third and we have much better friends now, so they have all been happy and supportive. Our families know that we want a biggish family and that we want our kids close in age, so they're happy for us as well.Babies don't always come at the perfect time, but if you and your fiance are happy, that's what's important, not other people's reactions.
My in laws were furious when they found out i was pregnant. We were unmarried but in a committed relationship, and we lived together. It tore me up inside. They just said, "This isnt a happy situation." It took them a few months to come around, but eventually they did. It is a very hard situation to go through. The best thing to do is be tough and try your hardest to move into your own place. You dont have to worry so much about people's opinions when you don't live with them. Just remember to take care of yourself, because you and your baby are #1 right now. 

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