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We have a name picked out but I don't know if it's the right one.

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We are having our first child, and she is due in March. I've been married for 4 1/2 years and I had a name picked out if we ever had a girl. It was Jubilee Shree. My husband was ok with it then. When it came time to pick out names he didn't want it anymore. The only name we can agree on is Autumn Lynn. Lynn is his fathers middle name. I really want him to be apart of picking a name, but I think I'm just trying to please him. I really really like Jubilee, but he doesn't. I don't know what to do, Help?

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ok so if you feel you are only trying to please him does that mean that you dont like the name autumn and are just agreeing with it because he likes it or do you like the name as well? I would say definitly dont agree to something that you arent fond of just because he likes it. I was the one that liked more "unique" names when we had our daughter and to find a name that we could agree on I made a list that I liked and would be ok with it then he went through it and marked out a few at a time that he didnt think that he could deal with. I hope that helps.. and I like lynn for the middle name, we finally decided on Maddison Lynn for our daughter and used lynn becuase it was my dads middle name =) good luck
what if yall compromise and do jubilee lynn or something so you are both happy & part of the name choosing!
I like Autumn just fine, but I liked Jubilee better. He doesn't like Jubilee at all anymore. He says it's cuz he grew up with a food store called that and he doesn't want people to think of her that way.
Once you have an association with a name- negative or positive, it's very difficult to change how you feel about it.There was a name I really loved and I kept trying to convince my husband why it was so awesome.  Finally he just said, "you can't bully me into loving a name."  It was true.We eventually found a name that we are both so excited about.  Just keep the dialogue open, and keep trying other options.
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