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we have weed killer that you use a hose to spray. can i use it?

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Our lawn is full of weeds and my mother in law asked me to use the weed killer on it (we live with her). I am afraid to use it because of all the chemicals and warnings. The help line I called was closed. It says not to let touch the skin and not to inhale directly. What should I do?

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 Call your OB he should be able to tell you the best option. Maybe even ask your hubby to do it, there are just some thing pregnant women can avoid. At the very least you can wear one of those masks that keep fumes from being inhaled. You can get them at the hardware store.
Totally agree, call the doctor they will tell you if its ok if its not ask the man of the house. And like she said they have masks at the hardware store. they are good they keep any fumes out, i acually found some at babies r us its for morning sickness because some women just the smell of anything makes then throw up i found some vanilla and cinnomen flavored.
and wear gloves in case anything gets on your skin. I don't think it is safe but if you have to do it, be extra careful and wash your hands when you are done.
Don't use it. A recent study found that Round Up causes birth defects. If the product is similar you should stay away from it. In fact, you should stay away from chemicals altogether. Make the switch to natural/organic household cleaners and find natural ways to get rid of weeds. You don't want your baby ever exposed to toxic chemicals. There are many brands of safe, effective, natural products that you can find at Target or Toys R Us. BabyGanics is a favorite of mine, Method and Seventh Generation are great as well. We even use natural and organic skin and body care products, especially for the kids so we don't have to worry about them eating the bubbles in their bath etc. My rule of thumb is that is the back label says it's not tested on animals, it's safe. If it doesn't say that, it's got chemicals that had to be tested in bunnies eyes to find out whether or not it was safe, which doesn't sound safe to me, especially when there are known plant-based material that can be used and are completely non-toxic.
I agree with VforVenture, I recently read an article about birth defects cause by roundup. There are non-toxic types available and you can pull the weeds (which is a pain, but safer!), use a weed whacker, use a lawn mower. Don't chance it. We know it's bad for our health and people who live in your home will be tracking it in on the bottom of their shoes which will get on your carpet etc. 

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