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Weaning PLUS potty train = too much for 20 month old?

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I'm in the middle of trying to wean my 20 month old from my breast. She takes whole milk as soon as she wakes up as well as during meals and before her afternoon nap. I got her a potty that she's very much interested in but we've only made little headways in both weaning and potty training. Should I tackle it one at a time as opposed to both at the same time?

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in my opinion i think it would be better to wean her completly then potty train her so it makes it easier on her! :)
I would do one at a time. Less stress for the little one.
I agree with Oceana Brooks.  I would wean fully and then dive into potty training.  Changes cause stresses in little ones as well as adults.  You could introduce the potty if she is interested, even if it is to sit down when mommy sits down since toddlers love to imitate mommy a lot.  I did end up weaning my first and taking her to the potty at  13 months but I was pregnant again so she went from night-time and morning nursing sessions to nothing practically over night.  She seemed ready for both.
ToPinkPaisley.    There is no reason to judge anyone this is not a place for disrespect! and my daughter is three and still is nursing.
Thanks, oceana brooks, AAWM, HGIB3 and ashojeda. I have weaned my little girl in the morning and am now trying to wean her during the afternoons. The night time's the hardest. I've already introduced the potty to her which she loves. Just have to get her used to using it whenever she needs to go. She loves the potty book that I let her read whenever she sits on the potty. We'll tackle that training full on once Project Weaning is complete.As for pinkpaisley8709, I realized that each mom is different and we have our own reasons. In my case, all the times that I had started to wean my baby we took a trip abroad for a month, moved to a different home and quite honestly was tired/lazy to really go with it. Plus, I have a friend who (on her 3rd child) weaned said child at 2 yo because the young one was ready. :) Thank you for all your input, everyone! :) May you be blessed.
Breastfeeding beyond the first year has great benefits for both, Mother and Child.  Breatfeeding after this point can provide up to a 1/3 of their calorie, protein, and calcium needs.  Continues to be a source of antibodies that fight infections.  The longer a Mother breastfeeds, the less risk for ovarian, breast and uterine cancer.  It continues to creat a special bond, a source of confort and reassurance after separation.  Buitls memories.  The average in the WORLD for weaning is 5 years of age.  It's natural, there is nothing wrong with it, why would the breast keep producing milk? it is desing to last as long as it is needed.  It is up to each one to decide when to stop, accordingly to individual's needs and preferences.  I think potty training could come first and then weaning.  Children grow up, mature and loose interest in baby things on their own sometimes, then we can guide them to learn grow up things. My son is 21 months old, still breastfeeding and him too has been drink from a cup since he was 6 months old.  "Sick and innapropiate" is in the mind of the beholder.
dear ashojeda,you have a 3 year old still nursing? i wonder what the other kids at preschool would do if they found out about this. or how about her ped. that's not only disgusting, but way beyond innapropriate. and as for me being "disrespectful", fine. that's cool with me. it just gets me though- you all post these questions for the intention of recieving input, advice, and opinions. i'm just stating mine, that's all. if you don't like it, then don't read it.

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