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Weight question?

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I am 19 weeks, and I still weigh the same as I did when I got pregnant. I did lose 5-7 lbs in my first trimester because of the morning sickness and nausea, but i gained that back. But now, I haven't gained anything other than maybe a pound. Is that bad? I am not restricting my food intake, I eat a brunch (because I wake up too late for breakfast aha), a late lunch and dinner when my boyfriend gets off of work. Also, if I get hungry through out the day, I will snack. I don't understand how I haven't gained more. I am kinda chubby, but I thought I would have gained more by now. I don't know, am I being a worry wart?

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You may want to talk to your dr, but with my first I didn't gain anything until week 32 then ballooned up!  If are you healthy I wouldn't worry too much its still early.
If your doctor isn't worried you really shouldn't be. Some women don't show at all for a while. It will take time, you burn more calories when you are pregnant. Soon enough you will have that perfectly cute belly bump and be gaining what feels like 10 pounds a day. Don't worry too much about it yet.
i gained 60lbs with my first pregnancy, but i really didn't show until i was around 5 months. and then i got huge, quick. if your doctor is concerned about your weight, he/she will let you know. im 10 weeks pregnant with my second child, and i still only weight 120lbs. i was 103 before i got pregnant, but my doctor told me i'm still underweight. however, i was seriously underweight before this pregnancy. i'm 5ft 10! i should be around 130 with my height, but i have an extremely high motabolism.  she told me to eat anything i want, with the exception of the no-no foods.
I'm losing weight too. As long as I feel healthy and feel the baby move, they say everything is fine with me. Which could probably be the same for you.
I am 35 1/2 weeks with baby #3. Baby #1 I gained 30lbs. Baby #2 only 21lbs. This baby I have not gained more than 2 3/4lbs only to lose it the following week. Altogther, total I have lost about 20lbs this pregnancy. I have been working the entire time as a cashier and been very active. I eat constantly or at least it seems like I do. My dr has now gotten to the point where they no longer care what I eat as long as I gain at least a pound a week til I have my daughter. As long as ur baby is fine they really won't mind as much about u gaining weight. Alot of people tell me that me not gaining any weight means I am all baby and nothing else which makes it easier to lose the weight after birth. As everyone else keeps tellin you, if you are that waorried contact your dr and/or a nutrionist.
something is probably wrong with your scale. at 19 weeks you are halfway through your pregnancy. if your stomach is getting bigger the number on the scale should get bigger. how much depends on the individual.
Its not only my scale @Sosueme, its the Drs office scale too, it weighs me about 2lbs heavier than my home scale though, but I just went in for my ultrasound last week, its a girl :D, and I was STILL the same weight as when I posted this. My tummy is getting bigger, but the number on the scale isnt. They are making me take the glucose test early because my mom had GD with me, will that be able to tell me anything, or no?

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