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Weird question about the heartbeat

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We've already heard the heartbeat at the doctor's office. But there's times when I have my hand on my stomach & it feels like I can FEEL the baby's heartbeat. I know it's probably mine I'm feeling, but is there a chance it is the baby's? My husband says he can hear the baby's heartbeat when he puts his ear on my stomach (but then he can also hear the baby move around). Is this right or are we both nuts? :) Thanks!

answers (2)

You probably can't feel your baby's heartbeat. It's most likely yours that you're feeling, especially as your pregnancy progresses. as your body has a greater volume of blood it's easier to feel your own pulse. Once you're at least 25 weeks your husband may be able to hear your baby's heartbeat, but again it's likely that he'll just hear yours. He may be able to hear your baby moving, but it's also possible that he's hearing your digestive noises.
well it depends legend says tht if your 25wks or more put ur ear or tell someone to put their ear on your bump and i think you can hear it :) try it out good luck and congrats!!!!! 

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