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Weird sexual question....

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Something is wrong with my husband.. By now I talk about him so much you might think hes an idiot,He is.. So lately he has been acting weird, I am pretty much gonna tell you about my sex life here. Since I had my ultrasound he has been different. He doesn't wanna have sex with me... I finally convinced him after a long time of sexless life... He seemed miserable the whole time and wasn't into it I don't remember him kissing me or making any peep at all... I kinda felt like it was the first time all over again, No romance,weird,akward and he didn't even c**. It was horrible.. He hasn't kissed me other then a peck before he goes to work. Is it me. Is he just being stupid? He has been working hard maybe hes tired but that never made a different before I got pregnant..

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Just to add, after like maybe 3 hours of uncomfortable sex we gave up. He didn't even offer to go down on me...Totally messed up!!
A lot of men don't want to have sex during pregnancy. And given your history with miscarrying, it's totally understandable that he would not be terribly comfortable with it.
I was thinking it was probably because he didn't wanna hurt me or the baby.Theres more to add to it...I am gonna put this in the best way possible, Sex turns him into an insane spider monkey.  So I thought it was just weird that he was quiet and calm, It was just strange.Normally there is alot more to it and this was just aggravating.  After it ended I ask him if something was bothering him and he said "no" that's all I get, Then I said "then how do you explain all that akward quietness" and he said "just not in the mood" then when I tried to cuddle with him like I do all the time he said "I'm to tired".   This is like torture!!  The day after that awful night, he went to kiss me before work and it was just like a peck. So heres our whole conversatio. I ask again if everything was all good and he said "I reallly don't know, Is something wrong"   and I said "not that I know of" so he said  "your acting weird, and I kinda think your trying to rape me or somthing"   So I laughed it off and he left..... I am soooo sorry I add alot of detail..  So thats my life right there feel free to add any opinion rude or nice whatever.
Is he still on medication? Because that, coupled with your pregnancy, could have a lot to do with it.
Yes,he is still taking it. I have been meaning to take him to the doctor to get a lower dose to wean him off of it.  My aunt was on depression medication for a few weeks and then found out it wasn't compatible with her other meds. So Then she just stopped taking it,a few days after that she commited suicide so I don't wanna do that without talking to a doctor. I really do think it could be a big part of it, I have been trying to talk to him but all he says is "yeah I'm fine".
Getting him off of the medication would be a good idea some of them cause weird things like that, But I wouldn't doubt that your miscarriage  has alot to do with him feeling uncomfortable with having sex.
it is a normal situation, you should continue with the medication. web-site

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