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well we want to get pregnant and dont kno where to start any help plz

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make sure ur eating healthy..u can start prenatal pills before u even conceive to get ur body all the vitamins u need..have text when ur ovulatiog, u ovultae 14 days after the first day of ur period..kinda confusing but u can also buy a an ovulation calendar..hope his helps!
start eating really healthy things take vitamins take prenatal pills and try to get exercize just like go for a walk or something because not only is it healthy to be active when your pregnant but just simply going for a walk and breathing the fresh air can build up your immune system and make you happier healthier and it helps get rid of stress hope this helps good luck! :) 
and i would like to add, i think this website and an ovulation thing to find out when your ovulating :) :) :) :)
Seriously? You have sex. And if you are as smart as you sound based on your post, you shouldn't be having kids anyway.
Keeping it fun and playful when you have sex is a very big thing. If you get stressed out then it can't keep you from getting pregnant. Other than that start taking care of yourself the way you would when you are pregnant before you start trying. That way those first few weeks when the baby starts developing and you don't realize you're pregnant your body will have what it needs for the baby. Good luck! :)
agree with mommyofzoo. It took a while for my husband and I to get pregnant because we both got discouraged after a few weeks. Stress plays into getting pregnant big time. Also, try not to think about getting pregnant every time you have sex. It puts unneeded pressure on your partner. Hope everything goes well. 
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