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werid dreams? help

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Couple weeks ago I had the best dream! I was about to give birth when they realized I was having twins so I sent my husband to buy another car seat. 2 amazing lil boys heads full of hair,just beautiful I named them Lance Rush and Peyton Beckham! Then I woke up realized I didn't have them and cried! Felt like someone took them away! Then fell back asleep and the joker(from batman lol) was testing me as a mom to see how far id go to protect Bentley I was holding my son and the joker was stabbing me in the hand weird! I really want those babies now and my husband wants to wait til bentley is out of diapers. I cry whenever I see old pics of B or any baby. Did anyone else feel this way? How did u get over it?

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Hey shooker, you havn't been on here in a while hows the baby doing. Anyways I have dreams like that all the time where I have to protect my baby caitlyn. So yes it's normal. I was wondering when you would get back on this website and by the way bentleys beautiful.
haha i was gonna say hey im back. hes doing great might be finally getting some teeth. hes a great baby always so happy thanks everyone tells me i need to model him lol hows miss caitlyn what all is she doing? she is adorable i cant wait to have a little girl but i hope to have two more boys first lol
She's doing great always giggly and smiley. She's starting to try to stand up with support from her walking toy I was pregnant again I got pregnant when caitlyn was 3 months think I couldn't get pregnant because I had just had a baby. Boy was i wrong! anyways I found out I was pregnant with a boy  we were soooo excited but a few days ago I had a miscarriage so It's been hard on us. I was 23 weeks when I had a miscarriage I think that's what made it even worse because we were already attached. But other then that were doing great caitlyns happy me and my husband are gettiing along and everything is okay. How out is bentley now I know him and caitlyn are close in age but not how close they are.
Sorry meant to say old not out lol.
hey, i had a similar repeating dream. i keep dreaming about twins. a boy and girl combination and they are beautiful in my dream. they are about 3 years old and running around and talking to my son ayden. i've had it 2 or 3 times and each time it seems more perfect. i am currently 7 weeks pregnant and im a little afraid of what the dreams have done to my psyche. i want those twins so bad now and i dont want to be disappointed when i go to the doctor to find only one bun in the oven.
Both of you are lucky i wanna have another baby so bad, but the hubby wants to wait til hes out of diapers and a bigger house. i understand but i want one lol i want twin boys so bad lol aydenboy i hope u get ur dream 
I'm sorry oceana brook that has to be hard bentley will be eight months in six  days so excited
It's ok shooker0619 thanks for being supportive.
My daughter will be 8 months on the 28th
We all have weird dreams now and then and it's totally normal. My kids are all close together. My daughter and son are 18 months apart and my next baby will be 20 months younger than my son. I love having them so close together, I feel it's a lot easier than having them farther apart.

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