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at what age do u introduce baby cerial and/or jar food?

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my daughter is 2 months old but im just wondering when do u start giving the baby cerial or jar food? i think its like 3 or 4 months but im not positive

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It has the baby jars how old they have to be before u can give it to them. I believe 6 months and it goes up from there. U can also ask ur peditrican
It has the baby jars how old they have to be before u can give it to them. I believe 6 months and it goes up from there. U can also ask ur peditrican
i started my daughter on cereal at 5 weeks, with the ok from her doc. she was always hungry, and formula was not enough for her. we mixed it in her bottles. we started jar food, also with the ok from doc at 8 weeks. start with veggies, and then introduce fruits. however, every child is different. i would check with the ped before you give her anything.
as a suggestion, don't try to feed plain cereal in a bowl. it taste like wet cardboard. try mixing it with food, or formula.
My pediatrician said rice cereal at 4 months and baby food at 6 months. He also said not to put the cereal in her bottle, you should feed her with a spoon. I fed her it plain and she loved it. Babies have sensitive taste so just do it plain first and after 6 months then add in a little baby food. I would ask your pediatrician before giving your baby anything though and make sure they say ok. You and the doctor know your baby best so do what he/she says.
BTW I meant rice cereal and formula. Plain as in no baby food at first.
I agree with OliviasMom 100%.  Many people seem to think it is unusual that their baby is "always hungry", as stated above by pinkpaisley.  Babies pretty much ARE always hungry, they're growing and developing at an astonishing rate!  They eat, poop, sleep and eat some more.  Up until 4 months, breast milk and/or formula is enough for them, even if you think it is not.  Before 4 months their tummies are not ready for solids, especially jar food.  I can't believe any pediatrition would recommend or suggest that you feed cereal at only 5 weeks and jar food at 8 weeks!  Gah!  It is simply not necessary.  As long as your baby continues to gain weight from breast milk and/or formula, she is getting properly nourished. 
Also, regarding pinkpaisley's 2nd post above, I disagree.  DO feed the cereal plain, mixed with breast milk or formula.  It may taste like wet cardboard to an adult, but to a baby it is just fine.  They will be introduced to sweet and salty foods soon enough.
I intruduced the rice cereal mixed with breastmilk at 4 months then added apple juice to it at 6. my daughter loved it that way 

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