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At what age is it ok to get my baby's ears pierced?

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check with the ped. i have a 20 month old daughter, and personally i'm going to wait until she asks for them to be pierced before we do it.
My sister got my Nieces ears pierced at 4 months.  My mom had mine and my sisters ears pierced before we were 6 weeks old.  There's no harm in getting them done.  I would say the sooner the better so they don't play with them.  The sooner you get them done the better they will heal because of them not knowing they are there or something new to play with while they are healing.
My husband's sister made her daughter Elizabeth wait until she was 6 years old so it would teach her patience and it wouldn't scar as bad as a baby's. Baby's tissue is much softer and not as strong as a young child's or adult's. So I think 5 or 6 is perfect.
My daugherter is 3 and I'm waiting to get her ears pierced when she ask me if she can.
My daugherter is 3 and I'm waiting to get her ears pierced when she ask me if she can.
My mom waited for my sister and I to ask for ours. I was 4 and my sister was nearly 15 before she finally decided she wanted hers pierced. For my daughter, I will wait until she wants them pierced as well.
My daughter is 19months old and I had hers done at 6months.  No issues at all.  She never fussed when them then or now.  I have friends who waited and ALL of their girls that were older all got infections and had problems.  Why?  Cause they were too excited about them.  They fussed with them and played with and kids being kids...germs!  Some of them even had to close the hole up and wait for them to heal to do the process all over again.  Sooner the better I think! Good luck!
I asked my peditrician (since he does it at his office) what age he recommends.  he said the sooner the better to avoid any healing issues and the kid playing with them causing any infections.  But it's the parents choice ultimatly. 

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