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What age should I stop leting my daughter shower with my son and I

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I am new here and just thought I would ask if any of you let you kids shower together, and to what age limit.

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My sister is a psychologist and she says that kids of opposite genders should start bathing separately around the age of six
My daughter is 13 years olde shaves her legs armpits and bikini area. She still showers with her 12 year old brother and 10 year old sister. They all have boyfriends and girlfriends. And they kiss here boy friends and girlfriends. I found out my boy zach squeezes hailee's ( 13 year old) large breasts. I asked her is she was uncomfortable and she said no that what my boyfriend does to me so! I asked zach what Hailee and Lilly do to him he said they squeeze my peni$ I was in shock I asked Lilly what they do to her she said they both just make out and zach wears this plastic thing over his privet part and tried to put it up hailees thing and zach dose stuff to me like kisses me and stuff my boyfriend dose to me so. I put a camera in the shower and I saw all I needed to. I told them they had to take sepret showers. That's how I did it at 13,12&,10

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