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At what age should my daughter start pulling herself up on stuff?

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it varies from child to child
my daughter started pulling herself into a sit up position at about 4 months and her cousin was pulling himself to a standing position around 6 months  my daughter is now 5 months 3 weeks and she is starting to stand so anywhere from 4 to 6 months is mmy guess but not every child is the same.  try helping her do sit ups very fun excersizes :) good luck
every child is different. my daugher would pull herself up on the sofa, and then stand independently at 5 months. she took her first steps at 9 months, and was running by 10 months.
i forgot to add that she also managed to climb out of her crib at 6 months old. i turned around to get a diaper, turned back around and she was straddling the side rail of the crib, with her arms up in the air making monkey sounds, "oo ee oo ee" and screaming mama! mama! while giggling. watch out for that, they make a mosquitoe net that fits over a crib and they sell it on

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