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At what age should we stop showering with our kids?

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I would say about 2 or 3. But I think it is more an opinion than anything, there is no right or wrong answer...unless your kids were like 12 then I would say thats wierd lol. But whatever you and your children are more comfortable with, just try not to make it too much of a habit, otherwise they will not want to bathe by themselves. Just make it an every now and then thing, when your in a hurry. But at night time, I say fill up the tub and LET THEM PLAY! :)
what's wrong with putting them in the bathtub? why do you feel the need to put your kids in the shower with you? i highly value my peace in the shower. it's one of the few times i can enjoy doing something without having my 21 month old daughter glued to my kneecaps.
Well, I'd say that if theyre old enough to name private parts, or are starting to talk about "pee-pees" then they are definitely too old to bathe with their parents. My 2 and 4 yr. old know not to look at people when they are undressing/dressing, and/ or going potty. Little kids need privacy, too. I think 2 yrs. and up is too old to be showering with parents. 
I think as soon as they start asking questions or making comments about anatomy, it's probably time for private showers.Personally - I have never allowed my kids in the shower.  Not because I think it's inappropriate but because it's one of my rare moments of alone time :) 
After the beach, when we all need a quick rinse but aren't really ready to fully shower I still let me kiddos hop in with me. I leave our bathingsuits on or take off just the girls suits. They are 3 and 1.
I think it all comes down to opinion and circumstance. When I was 5(ish) and my family was running late for church or something, I would hop in the shower with my mom and sister (who is a year younger than me). We did stop taking showers reguraly when we were about 2 or 3. I don't see anything wrong, but I do think that kids need to learn modesty and respect. Not only that, but learning to wash themselves is a good thing to know, too.
why wait untill your kids start asking questions and pointing. then you need to come up with answers before they need to actually be hearing it. i know 2 people who have had there kids shower with them until they were 12 (gross). Why not wipe there butt and brush there teeth for them too. It gives them a sense of self being when they shower by them selves. makes them more aware of there own body and how to take care of them selves when they shower or bath by them selves. Of course they still need help with bathing and washing there hair up to maybe 6 depending on the kid. After there 1st bday they should no longer shower with any adults. Thats my opinon
I think its all circumstantial. My son is 3 and showers with me. I would prefer he didn't but I am a single mom and I work 12 hours a day which makes for early mornings and puts us home late in the evening, Although I do when I can I don't always have time to bathe him and wait until he goes to bed so I can have one by myself then spend the whole time in the shower worrying about what he might get into if he wakes up because I don't have anyone else around to help keep an eye out for him. He gets curious about certain things about my body and why i shave my legs and stuff that I would rather him not so I tell him its something he will learn about later and distract him with something else. Its a real treat for me when I do have someone to watch him and can take a shower in peace and without worry and I wish all my showers could be that way but with my circumstances I would rather have him with me and and know hes safe. I probably wont let him much longer as I am getting uncomfortable with it at times and he is getting to an age where he can sit on the floor just outside the bathroom where i can see  him and stay entertained long enough with toys for me to get a whole shower in.
my lil guy is 4.5, we bathe couple times wk together.  seems normal to us.  my responses about our physical differences are matter of fact.  boys have outdoor plumbing and girls indoor.  why?, cuz G-d made us that way.  why mums have breasts?, cuz we feed our babes that way during infancy.  he knows that cuz i nursed for few years.  why do i shave?  cuz i don't like hair pokin through my stockings.  etc.  our time in tub is as meaningful as time before bed at night.  we chat about life, we sing songs to the music box in bathroom, we practice school work etc.  truly precious times toghether, memories we both will cherish.

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