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What am i doing wrong ?

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So my 15 month old daughter showed a few signs of readiness for potty training . She was taking her pants and nappy off , walked around bare bottom for about an hour and no wees , she would follow me to the toilet and watch the process we do , she claps when flushing the toilet , she passes the toilet paper to me to wipe . So i decided to try her in pull up nappies and a toilet seat , the first day of training she went wees twice but i wasnt sure how much she actually weed a day the nappies weren't too full by the end of the day . So after two weeks of pull ups i have brought her some big girl undies , a potty and set up a play area to sit with her all day and just focus on the potty . I done that for 3 days to get a sense of her bladder control and limits , i have even got a record book to see her progress . Day one 7 wees (4 little , 3 big) and 3 successfully in the potty , day two 6 wees (more big than little) none in the potty , day 3 only one wee in the potty out of 6 . I was thinking to try the 15 - 20 min method to go on the potty but i saw her pattern and used that as a guideline . I put her on when my instincts say to and I'm right but she holds it till as soon as she gets off . She is understanding the concept and knows what to do but gets frustrated with me when she has a an accident and i calmly explain it goes in the potty . She sits perfectly fine on her potty as a request but sometimes sits on it herself . At times she is resistant and i let her off then a few seconds later she wees on the floor . Sometimes shes tried getting to the potty but doesn't get there in time , so i tell her she is a good girl for trying . She doesn't get rewards because its not in the potty but her effort gets noticed . She wears a pull up after bath time for bed but naps (3hours) in day are in undies and dry . After morning wees has breakfast and a bottle of milo or cordial (depending how cold it is) and drinks through to lunchtime . Is dry from morning wees (6.30 - 7) to lunch (10 - 11) . I have been reading to her playing games and showing her videos to help training and to spent some time of the day enjoying our company .. Lets face it we do get on each others nerves and frustrate each other hehe . Haven't potty trained before am i setting her up for failure or do i just need to be more patient ? Also i have 3 year old twin girls who live with my mother , arent potty trained and does spend time with my youngest often . I am 6 and a half months pregnant now and have had a caesarean for both pregnancies and will be for the third . So i would like to have her mostly trained by the birth .

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