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What am i doing wrong ?

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So my 15 month daughter was showing signs of readiness to potty train . I didnt read up on anything before i started and this is the first time potty training for me but .. She was following me to the toilet , passing the toilet paper to me (when i finished on the toilet) , putting the lid down and clapping when i flush the toilet . So i decided to pit pull ups on her and when i need to wee i would put her on her seat and ask her if she needed to , the first day of trying she succeeded 3 times . I kept on it for 2 weeks but wasnt sure when she was weeing , so i decided to put underwear on her , i brought her a potty and set a play area . For 4 days i was sitting in her play area with her all day to get a sense of her bladder control and limits . Its been about 1 and a half weeks of potty training in undies , pull up goes on after a bath for bed time and she wakes with a light nappy . The first two days she would wee 7-9 times a day naptime is always dry (3 hour naps) but her bladder is only letting out little wees about 4-5 times . She sits on the potty no problem but she resists when she needs to wee and walks away to do it . When she has an accident i explain to her the wees go in the potty but she argues with me when i try to talk . She understands the concept and what to do she is just not doing it . At times i saw she tried to make it to her potty so i praise her for her efforts but rewards are only if she succeeded . Am i setting her up for failure or is it helping ? I also have 3 year old twins who live with my mother and arent potty trained , she does spent time with them often . I am 6 and half months pregnant now , I have had caseareans for both births so i will be having it for the third also . So i am trying to have her trained by the birth .

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I think you're expecting way too much out of her.

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