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What are the best remedies for a child who is teething?

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they make a product called teething tablets, or you can put a rag in the fridge or freezer and let them bite on it or if they suck a nuk you can always put that in the fridge and that might supply a little relief
I am going through this with my little guy right now. A few things that I have done with pervious boys and again now. Placing teething rings/toys in the fridge, they love it, careful as some don't recommend placing them in the freezer.Also cold washcloths, place apple chunkc or semi-frozen banana pieces into a mesh feeding toy. Not really sure what the proper name for them are. Of course these are things during wake periods as for sleep times, try rubbing gums with a cold cloth, soothing them. For meds there's baby orjel, you need to be extra careful when placing it on their gums as it will numb where ever it touches including tongue and throat. Also there's also gripe water and tempra/tylenol/advil if needed. Best of luck to you.
I heard whiskey works if you rub it on their gums. I used the teething tablets and made sure she always had something to chew on.
humphreys teething tablets work great <3
I heard a lot of teething tablets are getting recalled, so I don't reccomend that. But just tylenol or whatever pain medicine/fever reducer your child uses and a teething ring or some sort of frozen thing they can chew or suck on. My daughter loves frozen bananas when she's teething.
frozen bananas are great. same with the frozen rag. if you are against whiskey on the gums, then try pure vanilla extract. the tiny amount of alcohol that it contains will numb the gums. they also make kid ice packs that look like hello kitty. no more cold hands! great for headaches, fevers, and teething. they sell them at walmart for $5. look in the baby isle.
fill up a cup with water. take a paci, and squeeze the nipple until it's full of water. stick it in the freezer. when it's cold enough, pop it in her mouth.
Do not use teething gel or tablets. Not only can the numbing gel get on the back of a baby's throat making it difficult for them to swallow, but there have been major recalls and action is being taken to change what is added to these products. Not worth the risk in my opinion even if they fix the problem, they may find another issue later on. Glad I never used the stuff with my baby! A cold wash cloth works well, a teething blanket with different non-plastic textures for baby to chew on, and cubes of frozen breast milk wrapped in a clean wash cloth worked well for us. I'm not comfortable using plastic teethers since even bpa free plastic contains toxic chemicals like phthalates and pvc. 
the popsicles with the thick plastic coat works great for us got a pack of 8 for a few bucks and he loves them cold or not

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