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What are contractions(even braxton hicks) supposed to feel like?

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Im 28 weeks pregnant now and everytime i go to the doctor they ask me if ive been having any contractions and i tell them the same thing every time: Im not really sure but i dont think so. This is my first pregnancy and i keep hearing real labor will feel like intense mentral cramps but what about braxton hicks? Ive been having alot of (what i think is) intense bloating but an article i read said that braxton hicks feels like an intense tightening on the uterus. Its not so much painful as it is really incomfortable and slightly nauseating, almost like i ate too much and everything is stretched out to its limits. The only offsetting part is ill get them randomly through the day, even if i havent eaten recently. Am i really just bloated or could these be braxton hicks? If not, could someone please explain to me what a contraction is supposed to feel like?

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i started having contractions at 7 months, and was induced at 37 weeks, after i went to the hospital, and told them i was not leaving until i delivered my baby. i demanded to be induced, and i was. contractions are going to feel like the worst period cramps you have ever had. they are extremely painful, and can easily double-you over because of it. if you are having contractions this early, you need to contact your doctor.
I am 40 weeks pregnant, and I have Braxton Hicks contractions constantly.  They are only painful sometimes.  Most times, it feels like pressure, with a tight, squeezing sensation.  If they are bothersome, I lay on my side and drink a glass of water and it usually lets up after a few minutes.  I get them most frequently when I do too much around the house or stay on my feet too long. 

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