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What are some tips on how to get your baby to sleep in crib?

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My son is 9 months old and my husband and I made the mistake in having him sleep with us in our bed. Now we are trying to get him to fall asleep in his crib and stay there all night. Some nights he starts off there but usually when he wakes the first time to eat he won't go back to sleep in his crib. We've let him just lay in there and cry hoping that he'd cry himself to sleep and after 10 to 15 min of crying, I pick him up and lay him down with us. Breaks my heart to hear him cry for that long.

answers (3)

there are a few methods if you googled them. but besides cry it out which i did use when my son started sleeping in a crib at 2 months (before that he was in bed with me a lot till he had surgery to correct a medical issue). Then he started not wanting to sleep again around 8 or 9 months, i would put him in bed and sit in the glider by his crib till he calmed down and then slowly move towards the door. The books say start out staying by  the crib till your baby falls' alseep then slowly move the glider farther and farther from the crib till you are out of the room (over days/weeks).
my nine month old son will not go to sleep either he's slept with us since he was 41/2 or 5 months old. and also i ALWAYS held him when he was a new born so for him to nap i have to be holding him he will not go to sleep anyother way. or if he does stay asleep when u put him down not for long. he's gonna be a year old soon and i'd like to start putting him in his crib but i'm just like u i hate letting him cry for so long. he hates his playpen and i recently just got him a walker and he loves it i can clean,cook do what i have to do now without him crying b/c i put him down. so that part is going good. but i'm dreading him sleeping in his crib so let me know how u did it and how it went =] GOOD LUCK!
you have created a nightmare for yourself, and the only way to put a stop to it, is by letting him cry hiself to sleep. i know as a mom the hardest thing to deal with is to hear you child cry, but your going to have to get over it, and stop giving in. the sooner you break the habbit, the easier it will be.

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