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What is babyshower etiquette on a fourth child?

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If someone wants to throw you a shower, then sure - especially if this is the first girl after three boys or vice versa, or if it's been an especially long time between #3 and #4.  Otherwise, no - I don't think it's appropriate to host your own shower, or if you have lots of suitable baby gear already.
in my mind,the pregant woman should never have to host her own shower, but unfortunately, that's what i had to do the first time around. i agree with arizona, if your expecting your first girl/boy, or it's been a while, and your gear is outdated, then let someone throw you a shower. i'm 9 weeks pregnant with my second child, and i pray that someone has the decencey to throw a shower for me this time, instead of me having to host one!
With my first born, I was told someone was going to be throwing me a shower and it never happened. With my second, I was given a shower. My third, I'm only having a shower if someone really wants to give me one. There is going to be a ten year difference between the boys and all I would need is clothes.It depends on what the party is all about. Is it to ask for free stuff or to celebrate the birth of the child? If its about the celebration, make sure to note on the invite that you don't wish to receive gifts.

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