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what behaviors do I correct in my child's friends?

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I have a six year old daughter who has a girl friend she spend a lot of time with because she lives in the neighborhood. They enjoy playing together, but the other little girl has some behavior patterns I'm concerned about--particularly, she lies almost constantly. From the conversations I have heard, the lies themselves are usually harmless, but it keeps my daughter's wheels turning all the time wondering if her friend is telling the truth or not. Do I handle this with just my daughter, trying to make sure I support her and clarify when she's confused? Should I call out the friend when I hear her lying to my daughter or to me or my husband? Should I talk to the parent? She lies way more than she tells the truth, and I feel like it is a problem that should be addressed by someone.

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That sounds like a habit you don't want your daughter picking up, and by not correcting the friend or expressing to your daughter it's not ok, she may think it's ok. I worked in a daycare and when a child lied, rather than totally calling them out as lying I would "encourage" them to correct the self with the truth. Something like "Are you sure that's what happened?" Or "I think your just pretending, aren't you?"

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