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What is the best way to get prgnat?

4 answers
My fiance and I have been tryn for almost two years but we haven't had any luck. Could we be doing somethin wrong or what?

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Well put pillows under your bottom,have sex on your ovulation days,try to orgasm because it pulls the sperm in and try having sex with him on top and your legs on his shoulders.  after his sperm have been ejected have him hold his ding dong in you for a few minutes to make sure the gun is unloaded. Lol hope this helps good luck!
There is no magic way to get pregnant. If you have sex on the days when you are ovulating you should be able to get pregnant. If it's been two years you should talk to your doctor about potential problems and you should get a referral to a fertility specialist so that both you and your husband can be tested.Also, since you may be raising a child someday, you might want to think about learning how to spell properly...
I went to a specialist because it took us three years to make my daughter. She said we were having sex to much. She didn't offer us any help or any pointers, just blaming it on to much sex. A year after she was born, I got knocked up again. My advice is quit stressing and just have sex for fun. And those positions may help keep it from leaking out. As they say, miracles happen when you least expect them.
@ AAWM: im in the same predicument how do you stop stressnig about it when thats all you want? ive been trying to get it out of my mind i mea we have fun when having sex but its hard ot to thik baout it

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