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What is the best way to meet other parents?

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I am a 24 year old single mom. My daughter is 11 months. None of my friends have kids and it really does start to strain my relationships with them. I love my old friends but I feel very alone around them seeing as how my interest have changed. What/where is a good place to meet other parents?

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Well, keep on talking to other friends. Sign your baby up for daycare or a playgroup or mommy and me classes or something. You'll meet the moms of other kids. Also, bring her to story readings at your local library or for a walk in the park. You'll meet moms doing the same thing as you. Don't worry, it'll happen. Once she gets older and goes to preschool and kindergarten, she'll make friends, and YOU'LL make friends with their moms.
I signed my daughter up for Sunday school. She gets a half hour of play time with other kids and I get to mingle with the other parents before story time. It is great for her socializing skills.
Find a co-op preschool in your area.  I now have a whole community of like-minded parents with similar age children who I hang out with on a regular basis!
story time at the library, swim class at the "y", join a group at church, check out "international moms club" -- they have hundreds of local chapters for moms. Google search "moms groups in _______",  Good luck!! 
go to and type in your hometown, and the groups that you may be interested in. it will give you a list of available groups in your area, and they email you with up and coming events.

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