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What is the best way to surface clean leap frogs violet/scout?

2 answers
My daughter has had this toy for almost a year now, and it smells. I've tried just using a damp cloth. I've tried a cloth dampened in soapy water. I've tried disinfectant spray, nothing seems to get that slabber smell out. Anyone have any good tips, or success in making this toy smell almost new?

answers (2)

I use 3 parts water to 1 part vinegar on a rag and just scrub it up and air dry. Vinegar is an anti bacterial and is totally harmless to your little one if they later chew on the toy. The smell goes away once dry too. 
if they are stuffed toys, then you can throw them in the washer. i don't care what the label says, i put all of my daughter's stuffed toys in the washer once a week. with 6 pit bulls, and a 20 month old they get dirty and smelly very quickly!

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