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What breed of dog would make a good family pet with a 2yr old at home?

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We're thinking of adding another member into the family...a dog! We lost our golden retriever :( before my 2yr old daughter was born and now I'm thinking of getting a puppy for her. I wanted another retriever but now im looking for something small and indoors. I am currently looking into buying a yorkie that was born 10 days ago. Would a yorkie be a good family pet. Any suggestions?

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I don't know about Yorkies, but they seem yippy and like they might snap. This is probably not in your line of thinking at all, but English bulldogs make wonderful pets. They are not easy to train because they are dumb, which is what happened when the aggression was bred out of them. They are probably the gentlest breed there is, despite how they look! There are many stories about how tolerant they are of children. I even read once where a two-year-old found her mother's pin cushion and was sticking pins into the family bulldag one by one, and he just sat there cringing but taking it! Our bulldog was so loving and sweet, and he did not need much exercise because they are very sedentary, so they do not drive you crazy inside the house running, jumping, barking, licking, etc. They're just lovable blobs. The only downside is they are expensive to buy and take care of because they can have health issues. Good luck, whatever you decide. Your daughter will love any breed you buy, I'm sure.
I have a yorkie mix and he loves kids of all ages, I would say though to make sure you do not leave the baby and the dog alone together without an adult because my lil bro in law when he was 3 kicked my dog (he was immediately punished) but it took a couple of years before my dog would let him near him again and he would snap at him when he got close ... eventually my puppy got over it and now they are "buddies"
I don't know about many small dogs, as I was raised with Labrador Retrievers (very smart and family oriented dogs but lots of energy and large.) and a Border Collie (the most intelligent dog, we taught him to go through obsticle courses and jump through hoops, and very gentle with us and medium sized but also needs a lot of exercise.) and both of those breeds are best living in the country. I'm mostly commenting because of the Yorkie. My grandparents had Yorkies when we were little and they were very mean and constantly bighting my cousins and siblings and growling at all kids. Now, my grandmother has a Yorky-Poo and he is much better than the pure Yorkies were. He plays with the kids, though my two-year old son overwhelmes him at times with his noise but I think that'll happen with most little dogs just because they're so small. I have also heard that American Bulldogs are great family pets, though I have no personal experience with them. Good luck!
Any breed can be great with children if you socialize the dog with children consistantly at a young age.  I adopted my basset hound when she was 7 weeks old and as a young puppy I took her to parks where there were a lot of children and asked them to come gently pet my puppy.  Its important to ALWAYS watch the way a child is touching your dog so your dog won't get the wrong idea about kids.  I taught her to sit while there are children around and I let her play with the neighborhood kids so she was comfortable with kids of all sizes.  I had my little guy last Sept. and she has been an absolute angel with him....i've even caught her playing gently with him like a playmate.  I'm already teaching my son to be gentle with her so he's not pulling her ears or tail or fur which is important too.  I know people say the dogs should tollerate tail and ear pulling but thats a pile of crap if you ask wouldn't let your baby pull your hair or bite because she thinks its funny so why should they pull on animals?  I have friends with pitbulls, pugs, bassets, chi's, boston's, goldens, labs, shepards, husky's and more that trained their dogs and kids to be good together because they socialized their dog :o)  Enjoy your new puppy and it doesnt matter what breed it is! 
Thank you everyone for ur answers! They've been very helpful and hopefully everything turns out well with our new puppy!
you cannot go wrong with a pit bull or american bulldog. but the trick is to find a reputable breeder, and buy the dog at a VERY YOUNG AGE. 6-8 weeks. raise the dog with your child and you will be amazed at how quickly they bond. my daughter is 20 months old, and runs around with our 6 pit bulls all day long. our biggest dog, Yoda, is only 7 days older than her. 90 lbs, and they have been raised side by side since they were 2 months old. she can pull his tail, poke his eyes, bite his ears, and ride him like a horse around the living room. he climbs into the playpen, and bathtub with her. all the dogs we have are excellent with my daughter. excellent. no one has ever growled or snapped at her. if you are interested i actually have a female that im looking to get rid of. her name is violet, and she is 8 months old. very loving, gentle, and sweet as sugar. she wants nothing more than to be inside to receive all the attention and love she can. sleeps in the bed, and sits at the dinner table. check out my hubby's fb page.    good luck!

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