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What can help? I'm knackered!

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Last Thursday I had a miscarriage. My patner and I were almost 12weeks. Not only was emotionally exhausting, but it has been physically as well. I never realised how hard it is on your body. I lost a lot of blood (which I assume is normal-my doc didn't make a fuss of it when I told her) but now I am extremely exhausted! And my muscles are still a little sore-like period pain. Does anyone know anything that can help wwith my energy levels? I'm a stay at home mum to my 7 month old son, so I don't have too much time to focus on myself. When sleeping at night, I am getting into such a deep sleep that I don't even wake up to my son, so my partner has to get him. I have been iron deficeint in the past so at the moment I am drinking nettle tea which is filled with iron and vit.c to help absorption. Is it normal to feel like this? Does anyone know anything that can help? I'm sorry to ask, my partner and I didn't share the news that we were pregnant, so I have noone to ask..

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I have had a miscarriage and yes they are exhausting,its even worse if you already have a child to care for. After my miscarriage I felt horrible I was sore and tired,the only thing that really made me feel any better was laying in bed with the fan on. I didn't wanna eat anything for about 2 weeks so I was drinking chicken broth and sucking on hard candy. But because your a mommy and need to be awake, try taking naps during the day while the baby is asleep. Also oranges and apples seem to boost energy. I took alot of cool showers and it seemed to wake me up.
It's definitely normal to be completely wiped out after something like this. Remember what it was like after you gave birth? This is pretty much the same thing, it just happened a lot earlier than it was supposed to.Make sure you're eating a healthy, balanced diet, including taking a multivitamin supplement. If you need to, take iron pills to help boost your iron. Take naps during the day and consider taking those naps with your son in your bed. Cosleeping will help you get some rest and will ensure that you wake up when your son does and it can also help regulate your hormone levels.
I've had two miscarriages and both were physically and mentally exhausting. I think because I ignored the mental aspect of it that my physical symptoms seemed to last a lot longer than they should have. How are you coping mentally? I also reccommend light exercise, like taking your son for a walk in the park. A little bit of exercise can really help.   

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