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What can I do about an overcontrolling Grandmother?

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Okay, I am going to really try to make this short but that probably wont happen so please hold in there. My grandmother (my daughters great-grandmother) is totally out of control. It started in the very beginning when I moved in with her while I was pregnant (financial issues and really having nowhere else to go) She had an extra bedroom and offered it to me. I pay her as much rent as I can afford every month (anywhere from $200 on bad months to $500 on my good ones). When I was pregnant she would go out and buy all kind of outfits and toys and helped me buy the crib. I really appreciated the help! Once my daughter was born everything started getting super weird super fast. I would wake up in the middle of the night and she would be standing over my daughters crib (which was in my room at her house) and every time I would ask her what she was doing she would just say she wanted to "let me get me rest" I would tell her not to do that that when she wakes up at night to let me handle it. But I know that she didn't even wake up because I am an extremely light sleeper. Then if I would put a certain outfit on her as soon as I would leave the room she would change her clothes and say "Mamaw knows best". My daughter father is still highly involved in her life even though me and him never worked out. My grandmother would constantly be upset with me for taking her to see him and when he started getting overnights (court appointed) she would find any reason to go pick her up and not let her stay the night. Fast forward 3 years... My daughter always slept in her own bed... that was until my grandfather passed away when she was 2 and my grandmother picked her up out of her bed (without me knowing for the longest time) and move her into her bed for the night and since my daughter always runs in and wakes me up jumping on my bed (her favorite thing to do in the early morning) I asked her to stop this as soon as I found out and she got incredibly upset and hateful with me and said there is nothing wrong with it (it is illegal to sleep with your children in the bed in my state, risk of suffocation). I tried to just stay awake until she would fall asleep so she couldn't do it because she needed to go to bed. She would set an alarm and go get her out of her bed... a year later I cant stop it at all and my daughter no longer will fall asleep on her own. She has threatened to get custody of her on multiple occasions and says she has guardianship, doesn't she have to have my permission to do so? She tried saying she would buy me any car I want if I would sign my daughter over! I am now a happily married woman to a wonderful Marine. We are working on moving me and my daughter to his base out of state and trying to make the transition as easy on her as possible so we decided not to do it immediately. I have a feeling that was a huge mistake. My grandmother knew that my husband would need my birth certificate and social and also my daughters documents as well. To get our insurance and housing in line... She stole them and put them in her car (I originally thought that maybe she had them in her file cabinet but when I went to look for them to take them to get certified copies they were no longer there) I asked her about them and she completely flipped out. Saying stuff like "you will not take her from me" "you will not tell me what to do" "he can have yours but he is not getting hers" etc... I am really upset and I have no idea what I can do. I am terrified she is going to somehow make it to where I can not take my own daughter to our new home.. Can someone, anyone give me advise on this?? Please? Has anyone been in this situation?

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