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What can I do to get toddler to sleep. She's absolutely wired!!

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Twin toddlers. One of them tkes almost an hour every night for her to unwind! We take her to bed and she just talks, sleeps, rolls around, jumps up and down in bed, absolutely out of control. 1/2 hour is the minimum we've had. Tried to put her down early thinking she may be over tired, didn't work. Tried camamile tea..she won't drink it. Tried lotions that claim to help with sleep...didn't work. Quiet time is always part of our routine. Cannot read to her in bed because competition with sisters makes it more hectic than calming. Baths don't make either of them tired. We hate to have to lie with her til she falls asleep but she will not sit still and will jump on bed if she is alone. Unless she hasn't had a nap for 2 days straight, she is just absolutely wired and it's so difficult on her daddy and me. They are in pre-school full time so skipping naps is not possible. They only sleep 9 or 10 hours a night and she is not over tired. HELP!

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Have you tried looking into homeopathic remedies? There is one for insomnia that I've had to give to my son to help him sleep through the night. (He didn't start sleeping through the night until he was 10 1/2 months old.) There's also one called Quietude, Calms Forte and some others. Just go to a health food store and there should be a big selection. Or you can find them online at places like've used homeopathy on my kids since they were little. I use teething tablets, remedies to relieve fevers when Tylenol or Motrin doesn't work, remedies to help with cold symptoms. I use it for myself as well. It's completely safe, natural and doesn't have any drug interactions.
try passion flower extract-it has a calming effect on children, and is used for ADHD in some cases. you may be giving the child too much sugar. too much juice or soda? i cut off juice at 2 o clock with my daughter, and that seems to help her sleep better.
Pinkpaisley8709 makes a great point about the sugar.  Check with the daycare and see what is being served (especially for snacks) and request no sugar, cookies, cupcakes, etc. for your children during pm snack and refrain from it at home during the evening. Establish a routine.  If your children have separate rooms and if it is possible, have your husband read to one child while you read to the other.  If this is not possible, then read together as a family while sitting on the couch or recliner.  However if either you or your husband work late sometimes then establish a routine in which reading time is done together.  Try playing some soothing music for the children. 
Coldertwins - I'm in the same boat and have no solution to offer but want you to know you're not alone.  I have 22 month old twin girls.  We ask Emma if she's ready to get in her bed and as long as she doesn't say 'no', it means she's ready.  We turn on the rain noise, star lights and down she goes.  She's asleep before her head hits the bed.  On the other hand, our Princess, Alex, pretends to be sleep until her sister goes to bed then she's ready to play as if then is her time to be alone with us.  Mind you, we have all the lights down, Sprout Bedtime show on TV, she's in her PJ's, brushed her teeth, had 2-3 stories read to her at this point.  As soon as sissy is gone, she hops up, finds the noisiest toy she can and goes to town.  We have to constantly move/hide toys, etc, fight her to lay down, hold her, rock her, etc.  We can't let her 'cry it out' since her sister is soundly sleeping.  We've tried moving Emma to another bed to sleep while we let Alex cry it out.  She will wail for up to 45 minutes, gets so upset she throws up in her bed.  Its awful!  We've resorted to putting her in our bed with her TV show until she falls asleep.  Then we move her to her own bed.  My husband has no problem with this but for me - I'm shorter - she wakes up whenever I try to lay her down in her own bed.  If we're able to move her successfully to her own bed, she'll wake up at 4am screaming and if we're not quick enough, she'll wake up Emma too.  It's been rough.  This has been going on since she had tubes put in her ears in August.  The grandparents are staying with them for a few days while we're away - fingers crossed she goes down easy for them and keeps it up when we get back.  I've learned she only does this when I'm home.  She's a dream for sitters and family, just wants to spend more time with mommy - very clingy these days.  We'll see what happens. Maybe some of the things I tried will be successful for you.  Good luck.  Please report when you find a solution!

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