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What can I do to keep my 2 1/2 year old from thrashing in her sleep?

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We recently moved our DD from crib to toddler bed and even with side rails she thrashes so crazily (with her eyes closed) that she still manages to fall out of the bed and wake herself up, which leads to crying for mommy or daddy or coming into our room. This happens nearly every night. We have also tried making a bed for her on her floor next to her toddler bed to prevent the falling off, but she still wakes up after a few hours and will sometimes wake up UNDER her bed! Help!! I am a stay at home mom so I have the pleasure of getting up with her every night, but I am also 4 months pregnant and good sleep is just as crucial for me to have a productive day as it is for my hard working husband! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

answers (5)

sounds like she is having night terrors. try putting her to bed a little eariler, say 15 mintues earlier to start off with. talk to her doc about what to do also. he/she could give you valuble info on the subject. i hope this helps.
maybe a glass of warm milk to relax her and some mesh bed rails? good luck, tho. sounds pretty intense
Take the toddler bed OUT of the room, put her mattress on the floor and let her sleep.  Depending on her room design, you can also put padding or pillows to block off things on which she might hurt herself.  When the situation improves, put her toddler bed back in the room.
ecbarnett is telling you to give her warm milk. please don't do that. you'll never have her potty trained at night if you start that habbit. warm milk probably won't do much for her if she is having night terrors. i aggree with the previous poster about the toddler bed. take it out for now, and put her on a mattress on a floor. hope this helps. my 21month old daughter occasionally wakes up in the middle of the night with nightmares. i have no clue what she could possibly have a nightmare about at this age, honestly, but i know it is possible. i go in her room, and rub her back. i don't get her out of bed, or offer milk.  i tell her, "mommy is here. it's okay. you just had a bad dream. now lie down, and go back to sleep."
Have you ever had her tonsils checked?  I know it sounds odd, but my 5 year old son thrashed like crazy and never slept well from day one!  On a recent trip to the doc, he noticed my son's tonsils were really large, and a subsequent trip to the ENT confirmed it.  He had his tonsils removed last month and sleeps like a baby now!  Just another thought...

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