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What can I do for my 4 month to eat creal?

2 answers
My 4 month baby gets upset & doesnt want to eat baby cereal/banana or smash bananas. She gets mad she spits up the cereal with the formula milk. What can I do to avoid this situation & get her to eat/swallow her food?! Should I wait to feed her again when shes 6 months?!

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I would say wait.  Four months is on the young end of the scale for starting solids, and it sounds as if your daughter isn't ready to start.  There's no harm in waiting until 5 or even 6 months - the key is that you shouldn't start solids until your baby shows interest in trying them.  Is she getting hungrier sooner after her feedings?  Is she eating more than 6-8 ounces per feeding?  Is she starting to wake up at night when she was sleeping through before?  Does she show interest in what YOU'RE eating?  These are all signs that she's ready to try solids.  If she's not exhibiting these signs, leave off solids for now. There's no rush on solid food - I have a friend whose kids didn't start solids until they were 8 and 10 months old. They're now 8 and 10 years old, and they're fine!  They're healthy!  They're energetic and super smart!  Don't worry about starting solids with your daughter now; she's probably doing just fine without them for the time being.
if you want heer to eat solids, try the rice cereal. they say giving fruits first makes them want sweet and not care to learn about different textures. and don't push solids on her right away unless she always seems hungry.

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