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What can i do with my jealous 4 year old??Help!!!

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When i told my 4 year old daughter Andrea that i was pregnant she was very happy that she was going to have a brother or sister to play with, well at least i though she was happy, now shes always mad at me for everything, she starts talking like a baby and is always asking me that if i love her! I have sat down with her and talked with her, make her understand that no matter what i will always love her,but now things are going out of control, shes starting to hit me!! shes always trying to slap me or when i dont give her something she wants she stars yelling at me really mad,she has even tried to kick me and i really dont want to stress but its hard. I would really appreciate some help with this problem.

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well my sister is going threw this to she just had a baby last december 27 2010 and she has two other kids a 12 year old girl and a 10 year old boy and her daughter is happy about the baby and loves her and her son loves her to but seince shes been born he cant be the baby anymore so he feels like hes gotta be the adult so he tells people what to do and is mean to the little kids and his parents he trys to act like hes the man of the house that might be what your daughter is going threw and if it is i think if you set a time everyday to play with her or to just take her to the park and spend quality time with her it might make her feel like shes still your little girl to and you still love her hope this helps and good luck!
you can make her feel important by asking for her help whenever the baby needs something. for example, if you bottle feed, you can say to your daughter "your sibling is sooo hungry. I need a BIG sister to help the baby!" by making her feel important and needed, she may forget all about misbehaving because she'll be so preoccupied with helping out with her sibling.

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