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What can I do for my son's 1st birthday?

5 answers
My son is will one next month and with him being so young, I know theres certain things he cany do, so what type of party should I throw him on a shirt budget?

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Depends. If you love the outdoors, do a picnic and invite your friends and family. That way he can get to know the family better and be close to them as well as your friends. Picnics are fun 1st birthdays.
keep the guest list very small, and don't let the party go over 1.5 hrs. at this age, that's about all they can handle. it can be a pretty overwhelming experience for them. instead of splurging on a fancy store bought cake, bake some cupcakes. cheap and easy. almost fool proof. slap on some icing, and top with sprinkles.
thankx for the responses. I love the ides about the cupcakes. Think I might do that.
thankx for the responses. I love the ides about the cupcakes. Think I might do that.
dollar general has a lot of party supplies like paper plates, streamers, ballons, etc. most are $1. they have a great selection of cheap toys as well.

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