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what can a male and female take to help get pregnant faster?

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There isn't really anything a man can take to help a couple get pregnant faster. But, being healthy helps. Stop dirnking alcohol, don't smoke or do drugs and wear boxers. Women can take fertility drugs. There are also herbs that can help regulate a woman's cycle that women have used to help conceive twins: vitex, wild yam and red clover.
my suggestions are sleep,eat healthy,have sex when your onvulating,don't use lube,maybe prop your butt up on a pillow for a minute or two after sex and have fun no drinking or drugs or smoking and you can even start taking prenatal vitamins.
For your husband pretty much just no drinking smoking drugs partying ect. Tell him to wear boxers and make sure his gun stays loaded untill your ovulation times.
@Oceana Most men can't keep it stored up for more than a day or two. They constantly produce sperm and it has to come out. So, saving it up doesn't really work.
Also if you have access to the book try reading 'Taking Charge of You Fertility'. I can't remember right now who it is by, but it helped me out a lot. And if it doesn't, it still is a very interesting read and teaches you a lot about your body. Apparently it has helped a lot of people conceive. And overall health and exercise.
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