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What chances do I have with my baby after I quit smoking at 3 mnths ?

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My partner and i would consume about a 6 pk. of alcohol on friday nights , after a long day at work . When I was about 2-3 weeks pregnant , my body couldn't take any more of the alcohol , but I did not realize that i was pregnant . Within those weeks , i started having bad headaches , and feeling nauseated , so i took a couple of advils , hoping it'll ease the headaches . Throughout the first 3 months of my pregnancy (1st trimester) , I was heavy on the smoking , although it still didn't come to my senses that i could've been pregnant . But as soon as I hit the the middle of 3 months , I just had to walk-in for a random chk-up at a near by clinic and I find out I'm pregnant ?! And so , I have quit immediately ! Is it possible for my baby to be born unhealthy ? What must I do to keep my baby healthy for the nxt 5 months ?

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There isn't really any way to know if your baby will experience any lasting effects from your smoking and drinking. Ultrasounds can detect problems that may occur in major organs and with growth, but until your baby is born, that will be the only indication of a problem. You will just have to wait and see, and hope for the best.As far as overall health goes, take prenatal vitamins with DHA, avoid junk food and soda, and eat a balanced diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, and low fat dairy. Make sure you drink lots of water. Get some low impact exercise during pregnancy, like walking, or prenatal yoga.

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