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What do i do?

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My bf and i have been working on trying to get me pregnant and we haven't been blessed with suck luck yet. We waited til ovualation (28days frm last period til nxt one) and we still haven't had such luck. Went to the doctors and they didnt say anything as far as me not being able to get pregnant, yet there has to be something that will help right? I know there as to be additional advise aside from having sex more often like 2-3 times a week (at least thats wht i read idk). How can i experience the same joy friends have?

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Just relax and try to eat healthy don't smoke,drink,party, try to get rest and have fun!!!
The best suggestion I have is to use the home ovulation test kits. That way you'll know exactly when you're ovulating. Don't stress too much, stress doesn't help. Have sure your boyfriend wear boxers, if he doesn't already. Eat a healthy diet, start taking prenatal vitamins (I like the GNC prenatal pack), exercise. Don't drink, don't smoke.Your age will depend on how long a doctor will have you try getting pregnant naturally before referring you to a fertility specialist. If you're in your 20's you should try for a year or two, if you're in your 30's you should try for 6 months to a year, and if you're in your 40's you shold try for up to 6 months. The older you are the more difficulties you'll have, so doctors will intervene sooner.

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