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What do I do to change this behavior?

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My 5 year old has started doing this thing with all her primary caregivers (her grandparents, my husband and I and our babysitter). She will ask for something and when we say ok she flips and yells "You're not letting me_____!" And when we say no, we just said it's ok, she has a world class melt down. What is goin on? And it goes on and on. She's asked to come out and say hi 6 times and every time we say sure, come on out and every time she stays in her room motionless staring at us and then starts screaming. Help!!!

answers (2)

I would talk to her pediatrician about this. This sounds weird to me, not like normal tantrums. 
I'm not an expert i'm still young,But i have a younger brother who does the same thing..My brother has adhd and so forth he throws tantrums like that also sometimes a simple yes or no helps or makes it worse if it's a no, but it might 'MIGHT' be something like that or just a simple call for attention. Now days every child is digonased with something so i dont truly agree with half of it,i dont know your opinion on such things but talking to her doctor would be a good idea.. good luck to you and your family..

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