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Did you son recently switch from a crib to a toddler bed?  My son was great about going to bed on his own until the switch. Now that he can get out of bed he takes advantage of it.I had to create a new routine for the new bed. Once we both adjusted bedtime is going much smoother.  After stories and singing I would sit on the bed next to him. Then I moved to the foot of the bed, and then the floor.  During this time I would also tell him I was going to leave but I would be back to check on him.  Now he kicks me out of the room so he can go to sleep on his own.
Get a good door lock, but only use it at first as a method of persuasion. And maybe you should point out that mommy's bed is for mommy and daddy ONLY. If his behavior persists, lock the door every night until it stops.   
Depending on when this started may tell you what might be going on. If this is very recent it could be due to their developing mind into the world of imagination. This usually starts around 2. They might be scared. If this is the case, there are products you can buy to help with this. If a situation has changed recently that might be another clue. Develop a bedtime routine. Limiting their exposure to tv and brightly lit rooms an hour before bedtime can help their body tell them it's time to go to sleep. It's much easier to put a sleepy child to bed than one who is wide awake. Try changing up the bedtime ritual. Have them brush their teeth and do all of the others things that normally are done right at bedtime. Have them do all of these things about an hour before you want them to go to bed. After all of this is done, it gives them an hour to settle down. Try and have them in a dimly lit area of the house this last hour, no tv,computers, or anything that is giving off artificial bright lights. their body should start to send the signals to sleep. What ever you do, I would recommend that you not start letting them crawl into bed with you. You need to Calmly walk them back to their bed and say good night. No cuddles or anything of that sort. You will just be rewarding the behavior. You'll get tired of this, but hang in their, they'll eventually get it.
the reason that your child refuses to sleep in his own bed is because you have allowed him to sleep with you. bad habbit to start, and a nightmare to break. what is it with all the parents putting the kids in the bed? i'm sure you hubby is wondering just when he's going to have the opportunity to be intimate with you as well. kind of hard to have sex when theres a toddler in the bed. you need to put a gate in front of his door-something he can't climb over, and when he gets out of the bed, just tell him to get back in it. sure, it's not going to be easy, but remember that you are the only one to blame for this problem. you never should have started that habbit in the first place. now look where it has gotten you. how hard is it to set limitations? seems to me that's nearly impossible for you. i bet he still takes a paci too. tisk, tisk.
I tried the wall bumpi which really helped.  My son feels snug in his bed now and he loves the storage pockets.  We put all his favorite stuff in there to keep him company at night.  It's also the only thing I've found to keep him from falling out of the end of the bed.  I also put one against the wall which is great because he doesn't bag himself against the wall anymore.
im a teen mother that goes to school during the week and my step dad has been getting into the habit of letting my close to 15 month old daughter sleep in the bed with him when she is whinning and pitches a fit and him not wantin to hear her cry early in the morning when im gone he puts her in the bed with him and she is getting to where if she doesnt sleep in the bed with me she will not go to sleep at night i have to wake up at 6:00 every morning and for the past two- three weeks i have only had 2-3 hours of sleep a night. she will scream and pitch a fit until i just give in due to lack of sleep and put her in the bed with me and she also moves around alot as well so any suggestions?

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