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What do I do my 5 yr old has exposed himself to a friends little girl

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I am looking for advice. My 5 yr old exposed his privates to his 5 yr old friend today. He was in the bathroom and called her in and just kind of showed it before pullling up his pants. The mother called me and told me. After my heart started beating again I am trying to determine how I address this and what is appropriate disipline. My disappoinment is so heavy, I just don't know what to do.

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First, relax. It won't cause the little girl any lasting harm. Second, don't make a big deal about it. For some kids it is a call for attention. That is not the way to get it. I would explain to your son that this is not appropriate behavior, that privates are private. Tell him that if he has questions about bodies and how they work or look he should come to you or his dad (or other trusted adult). My daughter went through a big curiosity faze. (she is 6 now and mostly over it i think)Good luck :)

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