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What do i do when my 12 month old boy throws a tantrum?

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So my son has been acting up lately he touches, grabs and gets into things hes not suppose to. We tell him NO and he keeps doing it im not sure how to discipline him?? I want to to the right thing. Another thing going on is dat if we dont do what he wants us to do as in carrying him, giving him a toy etc... he will throw himself back and start kicking or just crying his lungs out..What do i do??

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that's normal for his age. i have found that ignoring a tantrum is the quickest way to end them. it's an attention seeking behavior, and they don't care whether they receieve negative or positive attention.
My older kids went through tantrum phases at about 10 months. Since I'm a stay at home mom we were able to work through this quickly and easily and they have never thrown a tantrum in public. When they threw a tantrum I would leave them where they were and would tell them they could join me in another room once they were done crying. And that's exactly what happened. They would stay where they were until they had calmed down. The tantrum phase lasted about a week for each of them. If you're dealing with tantrums in public here's what you can do: first, tell your child to stop the behavior you don't like and explain the consequence if they don't (leaving the store is best); give your child two chances to change behavior; if they don't stop the undesired behavior, leave the store. Don't make empty threats, always follow through. 
That's normal for a 12 month old they are curious and like to mess with things that they know they aren't allowed to. My advice is to tell him no, and if he does it again or starts to cry just sit him on the couch and tell him he needs to calm down. Be consitant and always follow through. If your in public you should give him a warning,then if he's throwing a tanrum remove him from the store (I normally take my kids to the car and sit untill they stop).

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