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What to do when other kids are hurting your childs feelings..?

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I have a 2 year old little girl and we live in her grandparents house. Except we live in the basement. My 2 sisters in law live in the same building one in the 3rd floor and the other in the 2nd while my mother in law leaves in the 1st. My sisters in law both each have a little girl one is 5 and the other is 2 just like my daughter. The problem is that everyday they come to my mother in laws house to eat. And when the 3 little girls get together they always fight but i have noticed that the 5 year old always gets the 2 little 2 year olds against each other. Shell be like no dont talk to her shes ugly or say mean things. Sometimes it happens to be my daughter the one whos getting pushed away and sometimes its the other 2 year old. I feel bad when my daughter tells me mommy they dont want to play with me and crys. How do i get the 5 year old to understand shes not suppoce to make them fight...!!

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Well... if you are comfortable addressing it with your neice, every time I hear her say something that is mean I would correct her.  Thats not a very nice thing to say in our family we all try to be kind to each other.  Then engage all 3 girls in an activity together... sometimes kids (only children especially) need a parent to help them learn to play nicely with other kids
Have you discussed this with any of the other adults at the breakfast table?  Do they not notice or just don't care?  The 5 year olds behavior should be at least brought to the attention of her parent, it sounds like maybe she needs some socialization with kids more her own age, where the power imbalance won't be so large.  Playing the littler girls off each other keeps her as the center of their attention, so engaging them together and giving them some of your time and attention as a group seems like a good suggestion to me.
YES !! i have talked to her mother about it but she doesnt seem to care... i spend more time with them now just to check out whats happening and yeah i can tell the 5 year wants attention and enjoys being the center of attention for the other 2 yr olds... I have told the 5 year old how its not nice and how she hurts the little girls feeling and aparently while her mom is not there she listens to me. but once she sees her parents she starts being rude again..  Cant wait to find a new place to move out. Thankz for your help...!!

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