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What to do when school is to easy?

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My daughter just started grade 8. I know that she hasn't been in school vary long but she says that her english classes are too easy. My DH is very advanced in language and when we did testing done when she was in grade 6 -to see why she was struggling in math.. she has no spacial sense and can't focus one all of the different steps on the board- we found out the she five years above her grade level in language. This year she does like her english teacher but is very bored in class. They played a left right story game (every time the teacher said right they had to pass a pencil to the right and when the teacher said left the pencil was to go to the left) and is reading stories out loud in class with a book for her to following along with. Her teacher also said that in a few weeks that they will no longer have open reading where she can chose what she reads, but will have reading groups where you read the same book with everyone in your group. My DH told me that she did ALL of this stuff in grade 3 -which she did-. She is feeling vary frustrated because she was hoping that grade 8 might give her a bit of a challenge in her reading and writing. She is also very independent in her work and HATES group work so the whole reading group with is just way to behind her. I was also hoping that the work would be a bit more mature for 13 and 14 year olds. What should I do? I need school to challenge my kids not leave them rolling their eyes in the simpleness of it.

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See if she can take a college class instead. I know schools will often give this option for advanced students. Talk to the principla or guidance counselor at her school to see what options she has.
@VforventureI do remember that when she was entering grade 7 they said that they had highschool classes for advanced students but there has been no talk about that since. I might look into that but I'm not totally sure how open she'll be to being in a class without her friends. She makes friends very easily but she is insanely picky about who she hangs out with.
One class without her friends won't kill her. She should understand that her education is sometimes more important than hanging out with her friends.

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