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what do you do when the father doesnt want to help out with the baby ?

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my fiance doesn't help out with our two month old or house chores . He expects me to do all the work and I feel like I don't get no time to myself . He rather play video games instead .

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That's what's called a Red Flag!! if it's like this now, it will NOT get better--it will likely get worse. I think you need to present him with an ultimatum, or else you are effectively signing on to be saddled with TWO children!Lori Day
Well I would say you guys need to sit down and have a very long heart to heart. This is a very common problem/complaint in relationships. I suggest you get it out in the open now and try and work on it before it becomes a bigger problem. Counselling may help also.Good luck!
just remind him that what he does now will affect his relationship with the baby when he/she grows up. And also, you're not a machine! You can't constantly be stuck in the wife/mommy role. so many women end up resenting their kids because of that and your baby deserves TWO loving and attentive parents. You didn't make that baby by yourself and you shouldn't have to take care of it by yourself.
Stop doing the laundry, cleaning and cooking. When he runs out of clean clothes or dishes, tell him you cannot do everything. Would he rather take care of the baby or clean?? Good Luck!
I agree with Lori.  If you think marraige will make things better, it won't.  Most problems get amplified with marriage.  You can't live a whole lifetime of raising your child (or children) with a husband that has that attitude -- raising kids and maintaining a household is hard work and mommies need help, support and understanding from their partner to be successful and happy.  Tell him so now, because adding a divorce in the mix won't be fun and won't help anyone. 
i going through the same thing! and it doesnt matter how hard you try to get him to help he wont. and if he is like anything like my man he wont change stuck i love him to death but at the same time im wearing myself out. i dont know how old you are but im 21 and would like to enjoy my life and right now im starting new. i thought long and hard about it. you cant make someone change if thy dont want too. try talking it out and see how it goes!

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