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what does it feel like when your water breaks

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my water only broke with my 4th to me it felt like a couple gas bubbles then felt like a little pop
With my daughter I had my water break on its own and it felt like a small trickle.. kinda like I was leaking pee or something.. it wasnt the gush that I had expected and with our son they broke my water and it was the same way but I think that it can be different from one person to another
My first had to be broke by the doctor with this long plastic hook thing, kinda like what grandma knits with. It gushed out, and was pretty gross-they caught most of the fluid with a bucket thing they had under the bed. Then with my second it went on its own-but I was at 9cmm so I really didn't notice the fluid since I was in pretty active labor-I agree its all different with everyone.
Well, when I was in labor with my first two children, my water never broke so the doctor had to do it for each one.  When that happened, I had so much going on around me I never even noticed any strange feeling. 
I've always had to have my water broken by the dr. It felt like I had peed all over myself since I was laying in the hospital bed.

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